Sketch Title Reveal


File Size: 110.3 MB
Required Software: Premiere Pro 13.1 & above


About template

Sketch Title Reveal is professionally animated MOGRT template. With dynamically animated lines that creatively build up and reveal your logo. This template contains 2 versions with 2 logo placeholder. Easy change background colors from essential graphics menu! A wonderful introduction to your TV shows, cartoons, commercials. Also to your presentations, slideshows, promotions and events videos. Impress your audience with stylishly designed and elegantly animated template. No plugins required.

About our templates

We have already written on this topic. And already a couple of examples of such templates. Because they are very popular. In essence, they present your presentation in a clear and direct way. In other words, it gives an elegant approach to your story. That way you have a perfect presentation. Also, a larger audience. And thus a larger number of clients. So feel free to ask for advice. We recommend this template, Sketch Title Reveal.

The “Sketch Title Reveal” template offers a creative and artistic approach to text animation. It begins with sketch-like strokes, adding an element of intrigue and anticipation. As the strokes artfully converge, they elegantly reveal the titles, symbolizing a fusion of artistry with messaging. This template is perfect for businesses and projects aiming to convey a message of dynamic creativity, innovation, and a commitment to breaking boundaries. Its high-impact animation and unique sketch-style imagery make it a memorable choice for leaving a lasting impression, particularly for industries focused on design, arts, and creative endeavors. “Sketch Title Reveal” adds an extra layer of visual interest and creativity to your project.

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We work with what you work with. Not only are the tools in Experience Cloud integrated to make the whole greater. Than the sum of its parts. But the entire thing is built on an open and extensible platform. Turning the tech you already have into customer experience tech too. Use Adobe.


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Sketch Title Reveal

Sketch Title Reveal