Parallax Logo Reveal


File Size: 12.8 MB
Required Software: After Effects CS6 & above


About template

Parallax Logo Reveal is creative and modular After Effects where you can change shapes of tunnel in images or you can put it to be in shape of your logo. Easy change colors of backgrounds and details! There are 7 image-video placeholders and 1 logo placeholder included! Download it now! No plugins needed!

About our template

Parallax Logo Reveal template is a visually captivating and dynamic introduction for any brand or project. It employs the parallax effect, a technique that creates a sense of depth and movement by allowing different elements to move at different speeds. In this template, the logo or message emerges in a multi-layered, three-dimensional space, giving it a striking and immersive quality.

The animation begins with a series of carefully choreographed movements, drawing the viewer’s attention and building anticipation. As the layers interact, the logo or message seamlessly comes into focus, making for a memorable and engaging visual experience. This effect is particularly effective for brands looking to convey a sense of innovation, creativity, and modernity.

Parallax Logo Reveal” template’s sleek design and fluid animations exude professionalism, making it suitable for a wide range of industries. Whether it’s for a tech startup, a design agency, or a forward-thinking corporation, this template can be customized to align seamlessly with brand identity. Its adaptability extends to color schemes, fonts, and graphics, ensuring a cohesive look that resonates with the brand’s unique style.

In summary, the “Parallax Logo Reveal” template offers a cutting-edge and impactful way to introduce a brand or message. Its use of the parallax effect creates a visually stunning experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences, making it an excellent choice for companies aiming to stand out in today’s competitive market.

About Adobe

Extend the Power of Adobe After Effects. Opportunities abound for building for After Effects. Extend the capabilities of After Effects using plug-ins, scripts. And panels that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. Create stunning visual effects, manipulate project elements. Also, automate complex tasks using After Effects APIs. For example, Automate complex workflows. Automate After Effects using scripts that run from a menu item or the command line. Add new panels that dock and resize within the After Effects UI. Streamline how media is managed. Also, simplify the search and ingest of source media. And automate tedious and error-prone steps for final delivery.


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Parallax Logo Reveal

Parallax Logo Reveal