Elegant Slideshow


Type: After Effects Template
File Size: 201.9 MB
Duration: 02:28
Required Software: After Effects CS6 & above
Required Plugins: No
Universalized: Yes
Expression Script: Yes
Dimensions: 1920×1080


About template

Elegant Slideshow is creative and clean photo gallery After Effects template. Project comes with 78 image or video placeholders and 13 text placeholders. Project is totally modular and you don’t need any external plugins. Make your own story and use it to present your family moments, business intros, festivals, travelling, vacation or for any occasion. Images are not included. Music is not included.

About our templates

You always have options to present yourself well. That is why it is best to consult with experts. First of all, you will not wander. And thus you will reach the goal faster. Secondly, all the elements and effects will be well blended. And as a result you have a good presentation. In other words, a business presentation is your mirror. That’s why it should be great. Also to please both the audience and the clients. It is similar with social networks. In short, leave yourself in safe hands. And enjoy the results. So choice template similar like this, Elegant Slideshow template. Because, it is a good choice.

The “Elegant Slideshow” template provides a sophisticated platform to display a curated selection of your cherished memories. It employs graceful transitions and animations to construct a visually captivating narrative. Ideal for individuals seeking to create a unique and personalized presentation of their photos and videos, this template ensures a seamless integration of media for a cohesive and emotionally resonant story. With its refined approach and dynamic visual effects, “Elegant Slideshow” is an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their presentations. It allows you to share your memories in a visually striking and emotionally impactful manner.

About Above

What is Adobe After Effects? Like most Adobe products, After Effects is considered to be a standard in the video editing industry. Whether you’re considering the program for individual usage, or need to edit film and professional videos, the program’s ‘special effect suite’ delivers excellent results. Since it has become a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use the software to add touches to files in other Adobe products, especially Photoshop and Illustrator.


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Elegant Slideshow

Elegant Slideshow